Social Media Marketing in 2018

Social media platforms (namely, Facebook) have become all-in-one tools for users. They can stay up to date on their favorite shows and celebrities, chat with friends, play games, keep in touch with family members, research products or services, learn about businesses, locate businesses, and write customer reviews about their experiences.

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SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Google may be the most trusted platform for obtaining users, but Facebook is more versatile and, with its multiple facets, may even be more convenient at times. This doesn’t mean that search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t important in 2018. It most certainly is. However, social media optimization is just as important. Social media optimization involves tactics to ensure that your business stands out, gets found, and generates leads on social media.

Here are some SMO musts for 2018:

  • Use a link to a landing page (not a homepage) in your bios.
  • Add your location to Facebook and Instagram for location-based marketing.
  • Get reviews on Facebook
  • Use social media advertising. The targeting is superb.

Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content comes into play for 2018 because now more than ever, consumers are expecting authenticity, transparency, and immediacy from businesses. Stories aren’t for putting forth your highest quality content, but that’s okay, it gets wiped off the record anyway! Stories give your audience immediate and raw access to your business, helping to build trust and consistent engagement. They also are a form of video, which is huge for 2018.

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There are many more important trends that exist in these and other marketing channels that are important to know for 2018. You’re not going to be able to adopt every new tool or change all of your existing strategies for the latest ones, but that’s okay. It’s most important to focus on optimizing your current channels, and leaving enough room to try a few new things.

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