How Blogging Can Help Your Online Store Sell

Yes, blogging can help your online store sell much more than you think is possible. Content marketing is the biggest driving force of sales online and if you want a fighting chance to make it, then this guide should be for you.

How Blogging Can Help Your Online Store Sell

The Reason Why You Should Start Blogging For More Sales

Blogging is content, content that gets ranked into search engines, and that ends up in front of the billions of eyeballs that look to Google (and other SE) for information every day.

Now if you’re smart, you would agree that having some more exposure (which by the way comes for free from Google and social media) is beneficial to any business.

Blogging will help you do just that.

How To Promote Your Online Store (With Blogging)

I am in a position to tell you this because at the time of writing this, I do have an online store that sells jewelry and I use blogging to drive traffic directly to the store and also to individual products.

Here’s how you can do that too:

Mention & Link To Your Products

Let’s take for example you have a store that sells “smart home technology”.

With blogging, you can write an (unlimited) amount of content that is related to that niche (topic) and then link to your store from the blog post.

But why is this important?

Because (taking this example), nobody will understand why they need a “smart gadget for home” but if you take the time to explain it in a very detailed, very informative blog post, then people will understand the WHY!

I’m doing this myself with my other online business and the one thing I realized is that individual product listing are very hard to find in the search pages and if you do find them, it’s usually an Amazon product listing with a direct link to buy from them because they have that much authority and trust!

What blogging does is it takes the “selling” out of it and your only job is to provide a good reason why “product x is great” or “why product x is better than product y for situation z”

Do Product Reviews

Continuing on from the last point, I just have to share my biggest tip for making more sales with your online store and that is; product reviews.

Products reviews rank extremely well (which is already a benefit in itself) but don’t forget that the people that are looking for reviews, they typically tend to buy (or are very close to buying), in which case your rock solid review should do trick.

Nobody is researching “best smart-home technology reviews” just to kill some time. Most probably it’s a customer that has the card in their hand ready to make a purchase.

This is a perfect example of how blogging can help your online store sell more products and build it up to be a profitable venture for you.

We can help

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