Best Ways to Market Your Business in 2018

As this year ends and another year approaches, you should be looking back on what was successful this past year as well as looking ahead at what to expect for the new year. There is already a plethora of information out there with the cutting-edge trends to be ready for in 2018. However, let’s not forget that for the most part, what will work best in 2018 is utilizing the channels you already have in place. Here are some tips and trends to help you identify the best ways to market in 2018 using channels with which you are already familiar.

2018 Business Website Tips

It started out with whether to have a website or if a Facebook business page could do the trick. Then as websites became a must, it became which kind of website (“brochureware” or a more interactive site?). Now that it’s 2018, it’s absolutely imperative that you have a high-quality, dynamic website for your business.

In 2018, your website should:

  • Provide visitors with the information they need to call or visit you.
  • Be optimized for search engines
  • Have a lead-generating contact form to initiate email communication (not just “email us at”)
  • Inform visitors of your hours, products, services, and prices
  • Have a blog that brings in organic visits through valuable information
  • Most importantly, your website should be responsive. Mobile-friendly will prevent you from losing potential and current customers, but responsive is what will get your website to be a lead generator and customer converter.

Email Marketing in 2018

Before getting into the details of email marketing for 2018, let’s first quickly review why email marketing is still such a strong marketing channel.

Email Gives Your Audience Control

Aside from its numerous benefits, email marketing has an advantage over social media because users have a bit more control over things. With social media, users sign on and open themselves up to a barrage of content. They’ve got businesses’ sponsored and regular posts as well as suggested follows showing up amongst the posts of their friends and family.

Your email inbox is similar, but it is your decision whether to open the content. You don’t have to go through every opened email to get to the one you want to see. Also, for the most part, you’ve signed up to receive marketing emails and can easily unsubscribe with the click of a button.

Email Offers Consistency

With social media, you’ve got to spend time learning feed preferences for each channel and what specific settings to enable or disable—which change frequently.This type of specificity, as well as the news-feed style of information consumption, has its own benefits, but there are times when predictable email is preferred. Email stays pretty consistent for the most part. You can almost always rely on scrolling to the bottom of the email to click unsubscribe.


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